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Laser Acupuncture Centre is an Optimal Complementary Healthcare Clinic where we treat the Person and not only their Disorders. We believe the Painless Laser Acupuncture is the Photomedicine of the 21st century. It achieves the effects of Classical Acupuncture without the use of Needles and Moxa.
Painless Laser Acupuncture is the Treatment of Choice Today Worldwide for Quit Smoking, Chronic Pain Management, Sports Injuries and Hair, Skin Care & Weight Loss Management! It is most suitable for Adults & Children, also for people who prefer Natural treatment. We have set a new record in Singapore for being the First to use Laser Acupuncture and awarded by the Singapore Book of Records in May 2007!


The Laser Light is the Purest of Light and it has the Power to shape Life. Depending on the Wavelength used, the Laser Energy can penetrate into Deep Tissues of our Body and absorbed by the Cellular Structures. It’s  Applications are for Chronic Pain, Post Stroke Management, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, migraine and Insomnia. This State-of-the Art Natural Therapy offers a new perspective in Complementary Healthcare. As we know, no Organism could survive without the Light energy. Thus, the Laser energy is the catalyst to initiate the cells in our body to increase Blood microcirculation to promote Healing and revitalise our well-being. We can use Laser as Complementary Modality to be our Lifeline for good Health!

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