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1. A New Approach to Medical & Aesthetic Healthcare.

2. Refined Laser Acupuncture way to Better Health.

3. A safe, Scientific & Painless Therapy with effective Technique

4. Laser light has the power to shape life

5. Natural Treatment without Pain & Bitter Herbs.

We Integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine & Electronic Principles to ‘Troubleshoot’ the Medical Disorders. We Restore & Invigorate your Health with Cutting-edge Laser Technology & Acupuncture Technique

BREAKING NEWS - Laser Therapy Techniques CERTIFICATE Course is Now Available

Hi All, Greetings!
This is to share that we will be conducting the below Non-WSQ Course. Healthcare Institutions, Clinics can claim Absentee payroll if their staff attend Training or Individual can use SkillsFuture Credit for Course fee. 
Course Objective: This course will equip young Doctors, TCM Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Aesthetician & their Assistants to have the Knowledge on the Safe Laser Handling, Laser Safety & Hazards in Clinic & Patient's Safety & learn the Type of Lasers used & its Applications. Also, they can apply to NEA to take Laser Safety Exam to handle Lasers with N3 Operator Licence to Enjoy Painless Therapy, the Treatment of Choice Today! Look forward to have you joining us. 
Blessings. Rodney i-LAC2.0 SG.

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