About Company


Our Philosophy – the Total Wellness Concept of Life, Good Health is your Wealth

We believe that the Painless Laser Energy is the 21st Century Solution to synergise the Bio-energy of our Body Health. To extend, our services to people who suffer from chronic disorders to realize their recovery of not only their symptoms but also its root causes whenever possible.

The evolution and advances in Medical Technology enabled Lasers to be in the forefront of Bio-energetic medicine to meet our health challenges today. The wavelengths accelerate microcirculation to stimulate Healing.

Our objectives is to provide our Clients with the highest quality Healthcare and to ‘trouble-shoot’ their shortcomings due to their own body abuses over the years. More importantly, we endeavor to offer our clients effective cutting-edge treatment with affordable healthcare services that would ensure rapid recovery.

We regard service to humanity as the best work of life! Also, to provide clients with similar belief system as an avenue to appreciate Natural Healing, and Chronic Pain Management without the side of chemical and drugs.

Awards – We have set a new Singapore Records, Mr Lim has received the Singapore Book of Records Awards in May 2007 for being the 1st to use Lasers for Acupuncture.