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Our Articles

Here we feature interesting articles from the world of alternative medicine. Our work was published in numerous books, magazines and presentations. Items tagged with 'LAC' are either original content or related to LASER ACUPUNCTURE CENTRE

Use of low power laser in Acupuncture

Int'l Symposium on the Theory and Evidence of Acupuncture - Acupuncture Research Project

Clinical Paper "A New Perspective for the Use of Painless Laser in Classical Acupuncture"

Female Magazine Issue: Designer Norma Kamali goes for acupuncture for health and beauty

Marrying Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology - Rodney Lim

Healing Hands: Mr Rodney Lim

Laser Acupuncture in Local Malay Newspaper: Berita Harian

Acupuncture can help High Blood Pressure!


"Acupuncture: placebo" revolt by Singapore Acupuncture Association

The Primo System (Meridians explained)

More Scientific Evidence of How Acupuncture Works

President Obama Supports Acupuncture

Straits Times (dec 2010): TCM Goes West

Hairline: An oriental viewpoint on laser hair treatment

Diners Club Talk

Needle your way to better health

Shape Up Laser Style

WanBao newspaper: How Laser Acupuncture Redefines Classical Acupuncture?

938 Live radio: The Living Room

Use of low power laser in acupuncture

Trouble-shooting the human body

How Laser Acupuncture Redefines Classical Acupuncture

The New Paper (1989): Laser Rays In beauty Business

Asian Medical News (1986)

Laser treatment to help kick smoking habit (1990)

Mr Rodney Lim introducing Laser Therapy to Bangkok, Thailand

Micro-Dermoabrasion for skincare and scar treatment (in malay)