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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers by Laser Acupuncture Centre.

Introduction of Laser Acupuncture Centre

Laser Acupuncture Centre is a complementary healthcare clinic where we not only address and treat disorders, but at the same time ensure our patients well-being with the cutting-edge Laser technology. The new philosophy of east meets west where art is integrated with technological science. We strongly believe that whether it arises from 'hardware' or 'software' of the body dysfunctions, which is the key to recovery. Apart from the employment of modern technology, the discovery of the quantum theory has enabled us with higher efficiency of Photonic Bio-Energetic Medicine Applications to meet, or exceed the demanding healthcare challenges of today. The 21st Century Medications, with its advanced technological diagnostic instrumentation and therapy will offer the best of both worlds for the benefit of our patients.

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What is Laser Acupuncture?

Laser Acupuncture is a treatment where special light (Photon) is used to achieve the effects of the traditional Acupuncture without the use of the needle and moxa. It is used to treat different ailments and to balance the various functions of the body system.

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Why is Laser Acupuncture Effective?

Laser Acupuncture is effective as we use two (2) very powerful systems of healing to give patients the optimum benefits of treatment.

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Can you combine Traditional Acupuncture and Laser Acupuncture?

Yes, Laser Acupuncture is an alternative to the Traditional Acupuncture and complementary to allopathic medicine. Laser Acupuncture is safe, hygienic, and 100% painless as compared to Traditional Acupuncture, which is a form of invasive treatment. Its effects are also felt immediately after each session. With these benefits, it is little wonder why Laser Acupuncture it is gaining immense popularity. Light energy, like sunlight, is a very important source of energy. Without sunlight no living organism can survive and our body will not be able to produce Vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphors. In the early days, sunlight was used to treat Skin tuberculosis. Without sunlight, plants cannot have photosynthesis, which will result in little or no agriculture to produce food for the population.

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How does Laser Acupuncture work?

The photon is absorbed by the cellular membranes and its absorption causes bio-chemical, electric and energetic actions to take place. It acts on the sympathetic, para-sympathetic & central nervous system to release chemical & neurotransmitters of dopamine, serotonin & endorphin etc. Its mechanism of action is such that the cells absorb the laser energy, which increases kinetic energy within the cells, as well as oxygen intake. This improves micro-circulation within the blood cells and aids to regulate any imbalanced state of the body.

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What is Traditional Acupuncture?

Traditional Acupuncture is one of the therapeutic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with more than 5,000 years of proven history of treatment. It consists of 2 modalities, i.e. the Needle (Magnetic) and the Moxa Roll (Electric) which comprises of the Moxa leaves. It is used simultaneously to balance the Negative (Yin) and Positive (Yang) ions in the Body System. This is an example of invasive therapy. Due to the detrimental effects of second hand smoke, the use of Moxa Rolls in Clinics is limited. The Needle is used to synergise with the Moxa roll and is good for chronic conditions.

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What is the difference between Laser and Traditional Acupuncture?

Laser Acupuncture is 100% painless due to its non invasive nature. Traditional Acupuncture is an Invasive Therapy where only Licensed Acupuncturists are allowed to treat Patients. In Laser Acupuncture, we make use of the painless light energy of the Laser whereas in Traditional Acupuncture, needles and moxa rolls are used for the treatment. In order to achieve optimum effect and harmonise the efficiency of the treatment, the 2 modalities of Traditional Acupuncture must be used simultaneously, that is the needle and moxa roll. In needle puncture, it produces a Magnetic effect (Yin), and an electric effect (Yang) is produced in moxibustion. In Laser Acupuncture, the energy emitted by the laser is a beam of intense pure light. This laser light serves as an electromagnetic wave which consists of 2 components, i.e. a Magnetic Wave (Yin) perpendicular to the Electric Wave (Yang). This fulfils the effect of Traditional Acupuncture without the use of the Moxa Modality. Therefore, the effect of balance and harmony is conveniently achieved with Laser Acupuncture. This is important because not all the cellular structures in the cell membranes are hypo functional or hyper functional at any one time. Thus, Laser Acupuncture is able to effectively harmonise the cells in our body system, and at the same time, regulate the circulatory function.

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How effective is the Laser Acupuncture?

The beauty about Laser Acupuncture is that the treatment can be quantified. The efficiency of Laser Acupuncture is governed primarily by certain variables such as its output power, time of treatment, wavelength, beam spot size and the location of the acupoints or area selected for treatment. With the above criteria matching the dysfunction, the result is remarkable and can be felt immediately within the 1st session in most cases. For aesthetic reasons, painless Laser Acupuncture can be applied to allow an individual to undergo a ‘Makeover’ for any occasion.

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Is Laser Acupuncture Painful?

No. As mentioned on several occasions earlier, Laser Acupuncture is a form of non-invasive acupuncture and is 100% painless. The treatment experience varies by individual health status. For a person with deficiency condition, the patient may not experience any sensations, especially for the 1st session but it does not mean there is no effect. Some feel a slightly or numbing sensation, because the laser photons are absorbed by the cells to promote the micro-circulation and restoration of the body functions.

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